Sep 24, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Michelle Furlong    1 Comment


Last leg in the dark AGAIN. Thinking about Children of the Corn (Thanks van 1). All done though and everything hurts!! Michele

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Sep 24, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Larry Segal    1 Comment

And…..I’m done!

Last run was the shortest, 2.7 miles, but considering the substantial uphill for an already mediocre runner, it was a good way to finish my Ragnar, 26:05. What an awesome experience to share again with a great group of people, except for maybe Craig 😉 Tip for the PA Ragnarians, do not stay in a nice hotel and fall into a deep sleep when you have to run again in a few hours, definitely makes it tougher to loosen up. Great time! Thanks to my teammates!

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Sep 24, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Ian Gendreau    No Comments


Running at night is rough. Can’t see a whole lot. Of course mark only had 14 kills.. He was like Rambo out there in the jungle! Ge ready van 1, you’ve got some work to do to…

Sep 24, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Craig Beach    No Comments


So my last email was premature. Nothing new to me… The only thing I havnt finished quickly is these legs. Craig is killing his leg now.

Did want to mention that o ha to do a wardrobe switch in the middle of my run. I started with long running pants on and quickly realized it was way too hot for that. I ran the last 3 or so miles in my underwear. Much thanks to my teammates KP and Craiger for supplying me with a pair of socks to make my package look bigger!!

Sep 24, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by George Zook    No Comments

Leg 2

Finished up my second leg, 6.9 miles with some decent hills. Craig is killing his second leg now. Its 1:46

Sep 24, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Heather Packard    1 Comment

Van 2

Waiting at Zook’s exchange…

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