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Ultra Runners
Dana McElwee

Dana has finally broken down. After 3 years of hearing about Ragnar, she has decided that she needs to see this spectacle for herself. So she has volunteered to drive the Ultra van! No showers and even less sleep? What could go wrong??
Runner #1 & 2
George Zook

Zook is borderline insane. He has been coaching with Ian for the last 8 years. Zook has finally backed off from doing his gigantic hill on leg #8 and decided to take it easy this year.... by doing an ultra!
Runner #3 & 4
Ian Gendreau

Ian is another member of the Spectrum crew and 3-time Ragnar finisher. He originally found out about the Ragnar while reading a technology blog and has been conning people into signing up for it ever since.
Runner #5 & 6
Sam Luu

We found Sam on the Ragnar forums, and he frighteningly agreed quite quickly to join our band of lunatics. Sam's first Ragnar experience will be an ultra. Go hard, or go home.
Runner #7 & 8
Mark Wolfheimer

Mark is Ragnar to the core. The man shaved his goatee into the Ragnar logo during last year's DC race. Need I say more??
Runner #9 & 10
Karis Gendreau

Karis is Ian's wife and ran her first Ragnar in PA last year. This year she's stepping up the mileage and volunteering to be the only female on our first ever ultra team.
Runner #11 & 12
Greg Linsky

We met Greg because he was teaching at the school where Ian's wife Karis works. Greg is our best runner. The boy is FAST, like sub-6 minute mile fast. Greg is also slightly nuts, because he has signed up to take on 43 total miles for this year's ultra team.