Ragnar Midwest. (Chicago, IL to Madison, WI)
May 17-18, 2019

We always need help coordinating all the things that it takes to pull off a successful Ragnar.  Here are the areas we need help with, as well as the contacts we already have:
Race Registration & General Info: Ian Gendreau
Vehicle Coordination:
Ian Gendreau & Sarah McDaniel
Start Line Hotel Coordination: Spencer Sunde, GM of Hotel Sunde
Van 1 Captain: TBD
Van 2 Captain: TBD

The Team
Ian, Karis, Josh, Sarah, Jaqueline, Rodney, Tracy, Spencer, Julie, Aimee, Molly, Wes

The Plan
The PA crew will be flying out to Chicago on Thursday mid-day.  Hopefully we can all get together for a team dinner and get to know each other on Thursday night. We’ll need to figure out when we’re loading and packing vans. Our Van 1 team needs to report to the start line at 6:30am for safety training. Van 1 will take off at 7:30am on Friday. Van 2 will relax, grab some breakfast, and take over at Exchange 6. We’ll alternate from there, eventually landing in Madison, where we’ll all cross the finish line together, grab our hardware, probably a few drinks and pizza, and then head back to Chicago for some further celebration.

$235.  That covers the team’s registration, rental of two vehicles for the weekend, our volunteer fee, and leaves a couple hundred bucks per van for gas, tolls and parking.

We are renting 2 Suburbans for the race this year.  Ian and Sarah will pick them up at Midway on Thursday