Ragnar D.C. (Cumberland, MD to Washington D.C.)
September 16-17, 2016

We always need help coordinating all the things that it takes to pull off a successful Ragnar.  Here are the areas we need help with, as well as the contacts we already have:
Race Registration & General Info: Ian Gendreau
Vehicle Coordination:
Ian Gendreau & Mark Wolfheimer
Start Line Hotel Coordination: Steph Koch
Van 1 Captain: Dana Murray
Van 2 Captain: Ian Gendreau

The Teams
Van 1: Steph, TJ, Paul, Tracy, Dana, Rodney
Van 2: Rachel, Mark, Spencer, Ian, Karis, Greg

The Plan
Head down to Cumberland, MD on Thursday the 15th.  Run Friday & Saturday.  We’ll figure out the plan for coming back as we get closer.  We’ll have a few beverages, a little pizza and head back sometime Saturday afternoon.

$200 per person.  So far we’ve covered 1) Your registration, 2) Your start line hotel room and our gas money.  You’re on your own for food and if you decide to stay Saturday night, that’s all on your own too.

Mark has one vehicle.  Rodney has another.

We are staying at Rocky Gap this year.  We’ll have 3 rooms, so we’ll have to figure out roomies on the way down.

We are going to try to leave from EthoSource at about 5:30 pm on Thursday.  The address is 180 Grace Boulevard, Morgantown, PA 19543.