VAN #1 Runners
Runner #1
Steph Koch

Ragnar Experience: Steph is running her third Ragnar after making her debut in 2014.
Connection to the Team: Steph works with Karis, so she's part of the Twin Valley clan.
Random Fact: Last year, Steph joined our team the day before we left, so this year she actually had time to request the day off from work.
Runner #2
TJ Alexander

Ragnar Experience: TJ conquered Belt Buckle Hill for our team last year, and will be taking on his second Ragnar.
Connection to the Team: TJ is part of Dr Dana's all star recruiting efforts and is married to MaiVy, who is also a Ragnar alum.
Random Fact: TJ the DJ is a huge fan of 80s love ballads. You've lost that loving feeling, TJ.
Runner #3
Paul Foley

Ragnar Experience: Paul will be making his Ragnar debut as he takes on leg 3 and Belt Buckle Hill.
Connection to the Team: Paul comes to us via recruiting heavy weight Dr Dana.
Random Fact: Paul had a big impact on last year's team. Even though he didn't run, he did provide the homemade beef jerky!
Runner #4
Tracy Gruin

Ragnar Experience: Tracy will be making her third appearance for our team this year.
Connection to the Team: Tracy works with Karis and is part of a healthy list of Twin Valley alumni. She's also married to Rodney.
Random Fact: Tracy's rapper name is Tra-Tra. She is way ghetto.
Runner #5
Dana Murray

Ragnar Experience: Dana was on our first ever Ragnar team and is making her 4th appearance in DC.
Connection to the Team: Dana is friends with Karis and Ian via Karis' cousin.
Random Fact: Dr Dana recruited a doctor for this year's race. This is all getting very medical.
Runner #6
Rodney Gruin

Ragnar Experience: This will be Rodney's 3rd Ragnar DC. He also ran a Ragnar Trails with Ian and Spencer.
Connection to the Team: He is married to Tra-Tra and therefore another indirect recruit of Karis.
Random Fact: Who let the dogs out?? Yup, this mild tempered dad is known by one name on his runs: Rod-Dog.
VAN #2 Runners
Runner #7
Rachel Wolfheimer

Ragnar Experience: Rachel is a rookie this year and will be making her debut as the youngest member of our team.
Connection to the Team: Rachel is Mark's daughter and therefore becomes our first 2nd generation team member!
Random Fact: Rachel has no idea what she's in for. Not sure if that's random, but it's a fact.
Runner #7
Mark Wolfheimer

Ragnar Experience: Mark will be making it a half dozen this year as he runs his sixth Ragnar.
Connection to the Team: Mark joined the team via Kristin and HP and was a member of our first ever team.
Random Fact: Don't think he's serious? Mark once let Craig shave his goatee into the shape of the Ragnar logo. That's hardcore.
Runner #9
Spencer Sunde

Ragnar Experience: Spencer makes his 5th DC Ragnar appearance and ran Ragnar Trails with Ian and Rodney last year.
Connection to the Team: Ian and Spencer are immortalized on the Liberty Tap Room wall together, and he was briefly Craig's landlord.
Random Fact: Spencer is to a Ragnar van what Julie the cruise director was to the Love Boat.
Runner #10
Ian Gendreau

Ragnar Experience: Ian is an original member and will be running his 8th road Ragnar, to go along with the Ragnar Trail from earlier this year.
Connection to the Team: He walked over to Kristin and HP's workstation and said "So I read something about this relay race..." The rest is history.
Random Fact: Ian is the coolest dude ever, and also the only person capable of editing this portion of the web site.
Runner #11
Karis Gendreau

Ragnar Experience: Karis is running her 5th DC and has also run a PA Ragnar.
Connection to the Team: Karis is married to Ian and was the "alternate" for the original team in case of injury.
Random Fact: Karis will carry change in her pocket to scare off any wild animals. "It's mating season you know!"
Runner #12
Greg Linsky

Ragnar Experience: The other member of the all-in club, Linsky has run all 7 Ragnars and this will be #8. He will be taking on the near 30 miles of leg 12 this year.
Connection to the Team: Linsky and Karis work together at Twin Valley.
Random Fact: In the time it takes me to type this sentence, Linsky has just run a mile.