Kristin: Can’t imagine doing one of these crazy things without you.  You’re a huge helping setting it up, recruiting runners and then you go and kick butt on the course.  You’re Ragnar to the core!

Elise:  This is what we call “baptism by fire”.  The fact that you were willing to do this thing with us so soon after meeting us all just tells me you’re going to fit in to our nutty world just perfect.  Great to have a new friend at Spectrum.

Tammy:  Anyone who runs through Reading in the middle of the night gets my respect.  You have the most intimidating mace I have ever seen.  Now we can chat about Insanity, P90X and… oh yeah, that we kicked the crap out of the Ragnar!!

Josh:  16?  Seriously, 16??  You, my friend, have a long Ragnar career ahead of you.  You are a machine and definitely earned your nickname as Van 1’s “Serial Killer”.  Welcome to the team!

Julie:  So glad Kristin brought you to our team.  All we got was high fives and encouraging words every time we saw you.  You’re one of the coolest people I only “semi-know”.  Next year, you and me are on the same van!

Rose:  Holy crap, are all the Miller girls funny?  You’re a riot, an it turns out a pretty impressive runner.  I’ve always been our #6 runner, but if I have to give my position up to anyone, I wouldn’t want it to be anyone other than you!

Linsky:  Sometimes you’re just cool because you’re friends with the coolest kid in school.  That’s what running with Linsky is like.  You’re left shaking your head in amazement.  Your 10.2 third leg up and down a mountain is truly one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my brief Ragnar career.  Linsky=”Kill Machine”.

Zook:  You’re an absolute beast on the hills.  Next year, how about a blanket or sleeping bag?  It’ll make you less grumpy.  Your twitching calf is officially one of the freakiest Ragnar events to date.  How you made it 2 miles with it doing that is beyond me.  Now, let’s get making those reservations for skydiving…

Craig:  In addition to tackling some tough runs, I’m not sure what Ragnar life would be like without your humor involved.  Makes me miss the days of you and the Mrs living a couple miles away.  2011 will go down in history as the year Pubiful was born… Can’t wait to see how you explain Jordan’s “silo” drawings to his teachers.

Cynyth:  This was your Ragnar.  You’ve listened to so much Ragnar talk, even offering to join us as a non-runner… then you said “Screw it” and you’d run one.  And run it you did.  So proud of you and the job you did for us.  You worked so hard to get here and you deserve that medal around your neck.

Karis:  I kept telling everyone that you could run… like really run.  And you lived up to all the hype and then some.  After a year and a half of training, you’re officially a well-deserved Ragnar veteran.  The medals hanging in our kitchen almost make up for the fact that we’re walking around the house like a couple of 80 year olds.