As I woke up this morning after 12 hours of wonderful sleep, I couldn’t help but smile as I moved my old, sore body to get out of bed. I had such a great time with all of you.

Greg – THANK GOD FOR LINSKY….what would Don’t Call Me Gaylord be without your amazing ability! Thanks for putting up with us “less abled” – it’s amazing to watch you run!

Ian – thanks so much for coming up with the crazy idea of a double header. You are a great runner and Team Captain! I’m so glad you made Ragnar DC and PA a reality for us.

George – I’m impressed by your willingness to run some of the hardest legs. You’re a great guy and I’m glad to know you Zook. Bring a pillow and sleeping bag next time;)

Craig – even though I’ve never had the experience of sharing a van with you – your emails and posts kept me laughing and motivated to not be the butt of them:). I’m so glad you didn’t become the “dead guy” of Ragnar PA!

Cynyth – I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you took on this challenge and rocked it! You’re an inspiration to me…so glad I got to be part of this experience with you.

Karis – I’m glad you decided to join us on this crazy adventure and let us use your house as a rest stop along the way! I am impressed with how quickly you made it up those hills to slap the bracelet on my wrist and to lead our team across the finish line.

Elise – what a graceful (and polite) runner. It was nice to watch your running ability. Your “kneelegs” were impressive – but not as much as your ability NOT to think about walking:). So glad you were in Van 1!

Tammy – WOW, you had some rough ones – and to think that you only started running a year ago. Those hills were massive and I’m so impressed with how to tackled them. If they knew how strong you were – Reading would have been scared of you:). Van 1 wouldn’t have been to same without you.

Josh – I can’t tell you how impressed I am with what a great 16 year old you are! The fact that you agreed to hang out with a bunch of strange women, run some of the most difficult legs, get little or no sleep, and still talk to us at the end of it all is incredible. So glad I got to meet you and hope you would consider doing Ragnar again – I would be glad to have you on my team! Thanks for agreeing to be in Van 1.

Julie – aka Peppie:). I really enjoyed watching you run with that fabulous smile on your face! Your ability to stay positive is amazing – you made Van 1 a lot of fun! Let me know next time you want to go for a night run – I’ll leapfrog you in my car:)

Rose – I already knew you were an impressive and determined woman, but watching you run 9.5 miles in the pitch black, thru cow manure, and over some brutal hills was something I’ll never forget. And then, to come back in your 3rd leg and kill the Zombie was great. Thanks for doing this with me…what a great experience.

Hope everyone is taking the day to recover (even you Linsky!)……


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