Ragnar Runners

Hi Ragnar Runners – B1G PAPA is in the shop getting dents repaired and a new battery so that she will be ready to be marked up and roll through MD to our final destination, DC. I took some down time over the last month and dropped my running to around 25 miles per week. I also put on an extra 10 to 15 lbs.!!! But I am back mentally and I am in full swing of training. I started a strength training regimen today, which I will continue to help build my core, very much needed. I plan to start running two times a day at least once a week to be ready for the relay, but I know that won’t be too difficult, given my sleep habits have gone to the birds.

I am sorry that I missed the kick off meeting. I am hopeful that we can get together for a short run and a happy hour before the event. Maybe just the happy hour! Anyway, so excited to see everyone and I am looking forward to a fun race!

Happy trails!


From the desk of Mark Wolfheimer

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