Update from Team Meeting

//Update from Team Meeting

Update from Team Meeting

Okay, here are the major updates from the team meeting on 7/20.  See the individual team pages for all the details…

Things that apply to both teams

  • Both teams have been registered and paid for for a couple months now.  While I’d love to carry that credit card balance for the rest of 2011 just for kicks, if you could get your $90 to me as soon as possible, that’ be fantastic.
  • If you haven’t done so already, you will get an invite from Ragnar to join our team.  You need to create a login for the Ragnar website and sign up.  If you don’t, I can’t assign you to one of the legs.  Our team is registered for the Ragnar, but you need to register to be part of our team.  Please do this ASAP.  It does cost us to swap legs once we hit the deadline (Which won’t be an issue if everyone just signs up!)

Ragnar DC People

  • Legs are all set.  I have updated the DC page on www.rabidrunners.com.  If you want to switch legs at this point, you need to figure it out amongst yourselves.  If you find someone who wants to switch with you, then great.  Once we hit the deadline (a few weeks before the race) no one is switching unless it’s an emergency.
  • We have one van.  Mark’s van will serve as Van #2.  Larry is going to check into renting a vehicle for Van #1 since we stunk up Kristin’s sister’s car so bad last year.  Apparently, Van #2 didn’t stink, or Mark doesn’t care.
  • Heather has reserved 6 rooms for the start line.  She also got us 1 room for the finish line so we can all grab showers before traveling home
  • Heather also will be providing the vests again this year.  Many thanks to Bob for hooking us up and saving us some cash.
  • See the www.rabidrunners.com site for all other details.

Ragnar PA People

  • We still need 3 runners.  I invited 3 runners we know from the Reading area.  I’ll let you know if we need more people.
  • We need 2 vans.  And if there’s someone who would like to take up looking into this, that’d be great.  Kristin’s already doing plenty, so anyone else who wants to help is welcome to champion this task.
  • Linsky is working on volunteers.  We each need to cough up $30 if we don’t get any volunteers.  We’ll keep you posted.
  • See the www.rabidrunners.com site for all other details.
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