A great start to that Ragnar Relay double-header medal.  Congratulations Van 2 on being the faster of the two vans.  Van 1 will just take the distinction of having the single fastest runner on the team as well as one of the fastest runners in the ENTIRE RACE!  It is just a marvel to watch the freak show that is Greg Linsky.  I’m thinking as a friendly rematch we go top two runners in Van 1 vs. top two runners in Van 2 at the Atlantic City half.  Slower average buys lunch???

Seriously though, great weekend and a job well done by all 12.  Great group of friends and not too shabby on the running either.  Looking forward to seeing the results and where we finished.  Very thankful I have a hot tub right now, and must say the legs feel much better than a year ago.  Can’t wait to celebrate a double header medal with Craig, Zook, Linsky and Kristin, as well as getting a piece of the first ever PA medal with another great Gaylord team.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this whole event work.  Takes a lot of coordinating and couldn’t have done it without help from all my teammates.  Wouldn’t trade you guys for any other team!!  Go Gaylord!!