That’s right.  I’m bringing back a Ragnar Blog tradition because… well, I don’t need a reason.  You’re not the boss of me!!  Here we go…

Pete: You survived a probable bear scare, made a midnight van swap, ran extra miles with one of our runners and provided some awesome comedy relief to Van 2.  Thanks for being flexible with the leg switching, and congrats on your Ragnar record for Most Time Between Runs.  I’ll party with you anytime.

Ellen:  Can’t thank you enough for being the Captain on this one.  I know what a royal pain in the butt it can be, but you did it up right.  Also really appreciate you and the other RRS former employees finding a way to get us a free entry without anyone actually working for the company by the time we ran.  You rock!

Brian: Welcome to the wonderful world of Ragnar!  You’ve heard more stories than you probably care to hear in one lifetime about this race.  Now you can join the rest of us in talking about crazy miles, insane overnight runs, and stupid inside jokes until the rest of the office can’t take anymore.  Let’s do this!

Josh: Rumor is you’ve got some serious wheels, which are only outdone by your masterful flag waving skills. Great getting to meet you, and the next time Michigan State and Duke play, we’re all getting together for drinks.  I want to sit back with some popcorn and watch you and Karis annoy the crap out of each other.

Sarah: Another big thanks to you for putting this together with Ellen.  Seems like just about everyone has some sort of tie back to you.  Who knew jumping on a Ragnar with 4 days notice would turn you into a junkie?  But I’m glad it did.  Now get your mind right and let’s kick some butt in DC!

Bird: Anytime I meet someone for the first time and they offer to massage the hell out of my calf, I know I’ve met a winner.  Welcome to the Ragnar family.  Your sense of humor is definitely welcome on any van of mine, and we’re definitely going to be teammates on one of these things in the future.

Pat: My favorite punching bag, hill training partner, and Ragnar driver extaordinaire.  I still think you could speak only in movie quotes for an entire day and not have any issue with it.  You’re a heck of a runner and from what I hear, kind of a big deal in Berks county.  You’re the best, man.  Though I’ll never admit to that in the office.

Nick: 4 Words defined this Ragnar: Swipe Right For Nick.  Thanks for putting up with us oldies, even though I’m more than twice your age.  You’re hilarious, insanely fast, and an absolutely blast to have on the van.  David West would be proud of you.  So are Ragnar Mom and Dad. Looking forward to seeing you break the moon 5K record.

George:  Glad you made your triumphant return to the Ragnar circuit this year. Great to have my partner in crime back on the van, terrorizing my wife like only you can.  Thanks for rearranging your runs so you could be part of this during a tough time for your family.  You’re the man, killed your runs, and now know the definition of “salty snacks”.

Tim:  You are officially the Willy Wonka of Ragnar.  When you tell Tim to bring it, this man brings it. You are a crazy good runner, rolled with the punches, learned to Snapchat, and handled an absolutely brutal Ragnar leg.  Looking forward to doing more of these with you in the future.  You’re welcome at our house any time!

Karis: I’ve often wondered, “What would bother Karis more? Zook, or a run in with a bear”.  Now we know.  Despite the bear run in (your biggest fear), you responded by hopping in a car with a stranger (another top 5 fear… and for the 2nd time this weekend I might add), hitting the road minutes later, and finishing off a weekend long beast mode performance.  You’re Ragnar hardcore!

Great job by everyone!  Was great to meet all of you, and congrats on the third place finish!!