Thank You

Thank You

I’m all done and safely home. With some poor markings on the path I made a giant loop and ended up racking a few miles onto my last leg. There’s something really peaceful about running on a road with no painted lines, and not being able to see but a few feet in front of you.

Thank you guys for bearing with me and being so flexible with the legs, allowing me to make it back to be with my family. Running 17 miles was a much needed break. Pete I know I said it before, but thanks again for swapping with me. Same goes for you Karis. Van 1, you had big shoes to fill supporting me on the last section of my run, but you guys were amazing. Van 1 I had a great time making ourselves pretty miserable with you all!

Go get em guys! Finish strong! Word had it a team member is pretty decent with photoshop and he can put me in the finish line picture.

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