The Ragnar Alumni page has been updated… congrats to all 12 of you, especially our 4 new inductees.

What would Ragnar be without our yearly shout outs?  So here goes…

Zook: I think this year’s training program is one for the ages.  The “No Training” Training Plan is genius and you pulled it off like a champ.  Amazing what a little stubbornness can do for you.  Always great Ragnaring with you.  You’re my partner in crime and one of the best friends I’ve ever had… but no, even I won’t look at your testicle.

Heather M: If you want to know why we started so early, look no further than Runner #2.  We are sandbaggers, and Heather M is Captain Bagger.  Turns out, you’re a running beast.  But I like the humble approach.  Was great getting to know you and I look forward to many more Ragnars together.  Oh, and you can babysit Logan any day.  There is no higher compliment in my house. lol

Mark: Excuse me… Ambassador Wolfenheimer.  The godfather of our Ragnar team and new owner of a snazzy, new, well deserved belt buckle.  You are still a machine, and Heather’s sandbagging just follows in the footsteps of her van captain.  Among all of us Ragnar veterans, your name is always brought up on the list of “5 Best Things About Ragnar”.  Hope you enjoyed your virgin tour of Van 1, and looking forward to more great runs together.

Steph: No Ragnar is truly complete until you have seen the bare ass of someone on your team.  Thank you for being that person for me.  You definitely liven up the party and it was great having you around.  Not to mention that you have set the bar for Ragnar tattoo placement very high.  Thanks for running and spicing up Van 1!

Dr Dana:  The Doctor is back and making house calls all over the DC Metro area!  You rock, and we’re so glad you came back.  You are a total blast and took on some serious runs in your return.  I’m very disappointed I had to pass the traditional 5-to-6 hug to my wife.  I may come back and claim it next year.  Best of luck with your new breast enhancement practice.  Rumor is Zook wants to be your first customer!

Karis: The original alternate has become a true Ragnar stud.  You are a great training partner and a killer on the course.  Someone seriously has to videotape the 3 minutes immediately after you finish each leg, which this year included a charlie horse on your Midnight Delight with Spencer, a double cramping on your last leg, again, with Spencer, and of course, a phrase that will live in infamy… “It’s mating season you know!” Now let’s pour a drink and hit the hot tub.

Spencer, AKA “S-Train”: Dude, you are entertainment 24-7.  I don’t know where the energy comes from, but I’m picking up what you’re putting down.  Granted, you have no idea how to pronounce the word “Bears”, but that’s okay.  Thanks for taking on Leg 7, that’s a killer and I know from experience.  Great being on your van for the first time.  I’m still sore from laughing.  Let’s do some List work and nail down the floorplan for our new jerky bar soon.  In other words, Handle Yo Bidness!

Linsky, AKA “L-Dizzle”: Six Ragnars in with you, and when other teams say “who’s that guy”, I still beam like a new father.  “That’s my boy!”  On a bad day, you’re a machine.  On a good day, you’re just ridiculous.  I hope that this year made up for me eating all your beef jerky last year.  I appreciate all the running advice, none of which has made me remotely as fast as you are.  Leg 8 was total roadkilll this year.  Just one kill after another…

Tracy, AKA “Tra-Tra”: Anytime a rookie joins your van, you wonder… “Will they fit in? Will they put up with our nonsense? Will they file criminal charges?” No worries here.  You were such an awesome addition to our van.  Not only did you rock your runs (another sandbagger, fyi, this girl can run), but you also fit right in with our ridiculous humor.  Was a blast getting to know you, and I’d take you in my van anytime!

Heather P, AKA “H-Diesel”: It’s always great being in your van.  Primarily because no matter what injury I have or have had, you probably have all of them all at the same time.  Great to have you back after a brief hiatus and so glad to have you as a co-worker!  Someday I hope to spend as much on a car as you do on your Lulu Lemon outfits.  You killed your runs and kept us laughing doing it.  It’s great to have someone to limp around the office with this week!

Rodney, AKA “Rod-Dog”: I mean, one look at you and everyone knew you’d come out of this weekend with a gangsta nickname and a theme song of “Who Let the Dogs Out”.  You were an absolute machine.  I mean, first Ragnar ever and you take on the most mileage on the course? That’s just sick.  Barking at you on Leg 12 is one of the highlights of this Ragnar.  Glad you could join us and I can’t wait to run with you again.

And finally…

Hobo Joe: You smug son of a b*tch.  I gave you everything and you broke my heart.  You stole my snacks. You siphoned my gas.  You rummaged through my luggage.  Fortunately for you, you’re lightning fast and have fantastic taste in beef jerky.  Hobo Joe’s Jerky Grill opening at a truck stop near you.