Awesome results – Standard Team!!

Ok, since Ian is obviously only gonna brag on the ULTRA team results, I’ll step in & give the Standard team our due praise!

Here are the facts: If you simply count me & Spencer as women, then we officially finished in 5th Place in the Women’s Division!

So suck on that – Ultra Team! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Awesome results – Standard Team!!

  1. No arguments here. Our regular team did awesome. Especially considering that we stripped you of some of your really good runners. Notice I said “some”, because clearly there were plenty of great runners left. Next year we combine the two groups, go to teams of 12 again, and blow our time out of the water!! Great job!

  2. You know I am just giving you a hard time, Ian. You & you’re Ultra Team are the stuff of running legends, and you can take all the glory you want for that accomplishment.

    HOWEVER, I can guarantee that you didn’t laugh, sing, dance or sleep anywhere near as much as Van 2!

    Saying all that…We will welcome you 6 ringers back to the 12-man teams anytime you are willing to honor us pions with your running skillz!

  3. i will gladly throw on a wig and shave these legs if it gets us 5th overall in the women’s division – but even if not, i’m still so proud of our team!

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