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Oct 8, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by George Zook    No Comments

Leg #2

Just finished my second leg. My third leg is the longest and hardest, however this was a pretty monster hill. Not gonna lie feeling pretty shitty. Need sleep, a massage, a whole pizza, maybe some cheese fries and a few cold miller lites…

Oct 8, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by Ian Gendreau    No Comments

Ian Leg #2

7.7 miles, gradual uphill most of the way. Did a 8:13 pace. Started on friday and finished on Saturday. Have to love a midnight run. 2 down, one more battle in the Poconos…

Oct 8, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by Josh Petersheim    No Comments

Leg 16

A very dark uphill run through the woods is something I thought I would only see in horror movies, but I’m glad I did alright on it.


Oct 8, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by Kristin Liezenga    No Comments

Runner 18

Rose is rocking her 9.5 mile run right now….impressive, impressive, impressive!

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