Ragnar Relay

Returned van 1 last night and realized that it smelled like girl sweat (which is not as bad as boy sweat, baby wipes and manour. 🙂 slept for 12 hours and am ready to go again. What an awesome experience. My first Ragnar ……. And I’m in love. Thanks team 🙂 whoooo hooooo 🙂

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Well I’ve never dealt with cramps that bad before in my life. I feel like a got hit by a truck. I had cramps in my hammy, foot, ankle and calf all from running, and a cramp in my neck from holding up both medals!

Hopefully I can start moving around be noon, so I can start with 16 oz curls and watching the eagles!

Great time as always! Craig, Ian, Kristen and Greg the machine linsky, you guys are awesome! Karis, your a pain in the ass, but I love ya! Cyneth, you were awesome, I’m very proud of you for many reasons! Keep up the good work! Everyone in van 1, awesome job, looking forward to a whole big Ragnar get together that doesn’t involve any running or sleeping on concrete floors.

Uhhhh…. That sucked!

I made it 5.5 miles & then my head started spinning & I almost passed out. Feel like a big wuss, but I didn’t want to be “dead guy” on roadside for Ragnar PA. Luckily, we have a machine like Linsky who threw on his shoes & banged out the last 2 miles in about 13 minutes!

First thing Karis said when I got back in the van with my mild heart attack is “I think this disqualifies you fir the double header medal!”. Nice to have such supporting teammates!