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Oct 1, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by Greg Linsky    No Comments

Van 2

Van 2, I just wanted to let you know that I have put in some speed work on the track since I was so slow last in D.C.  I hit the hills and ran in the rain too, just in case we encounter more poor weather conditions.

Oct 1, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by Greg Linsky    No Comments

Less than a week!

Dear van 2, don’t be alarmed but I stumbled upon this photo of our fearless leader Ian and his educational background. Hopefully, running up Mt. Pocono won’t be as difficult for him.

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Aug 21, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by Cynyth Petersheim    2 Comments

My Progress

My time for one mile is 12:25. I can’t run much more than that right now before walking a stretch. My plan is to work on endurance and longer distances rather than faster time. Got a long way to go in 6 weeks. At this rate my time for my 5.9 first leg will be in the 90 minute range. ACK!

May 17, 2011 - Ragnar PA 2011 by Ian Gendreau    1 Comment

Update: Ragnar PA Legs

So I talked to Carrie (the race directory for Ragnar PA).  She said the legs won’t officially be posted for another month or so on the Ragnar site, but she did send me the working Excel sheet they have so far.  Here’s what it looks like in terms of total distance for each runner:

#1: 12.3 Miles
#2: 17.8 Miles
#3: 16.3 Miles
#4: 14.8 Miles
#5: 13.5 Miles
#6: 11.9 Miles
#7: 23.6 Miles
#8: 15.9 Miles
#9: 18.9 Miles
#10: 14.8 Miles
#11: 15.1 Miles
#12: 18.0 Miles