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Sep 26, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Craig Beach    No Comments


Start Time – September 23, 2011                               7:00 AM

Finish Time – September 24, 2011                            1:20 PM

Total Miles Ran                                                                197.4 Miles

Most Miles Ran                                                                22.1 Miles – Mark

Average Team Pace                                                        9:13 / Mile

Fastest Leg Pace                                                               6:02 / Mile over 4.8 Miles – Linksy

Fastest Overall Pace                                                       6:45 / Mile over 19.4 Miles – Linsky

Craig Beach | General Manager | Dentaurum USA

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Sep 26, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Ian Gendreau    No Comments


So the results are posted… We finished in 30:20:45, 1 hour and 18 minutes faster than last year’s time.  Incredible, given the quality of runners we lost from last year’s team.  That’s our new runners filling very big shoes, and our existing runners putting up even better times than last year.

We finished 125th overall out of 261 teams, and more importantly, we finished 46th out of 115 in the Mixed Open Division.  Basically top 1/3 of our division.

For the record, the winning team finished with an average pace of 6:04 per mile, mountains and all!!

Great job everyone… Next year’s goal is already out there… Can Gaylord finish in under 30 hours???

Sep 26, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Ian Gendreau    No Comments

A Good Weekend

A great start to that Ragnar Relay double-header medal.  Congratulations Van 2 on being the faster of the two vans.  Van 1 will just take the distinction of having the single fastest runner on the team as well as one of the fastest runners in the ENTIRE RACE!  It is just a marvel to watch the freak show that is Greg Linsky.  I’m thinking as a friendly rematch we go top two runners in Van 1 vs. top two runners in Van 2 at the Atlantic City half.  Slower average buys lunch???

Seriously though, great weekend and a job well done by all 12.  Great group of friends and not too shabby on the running either.  Looking forward to seeing the results and where we finished.  Very thankful I have a hot tub right now, and must say the legs feel much better than a year ago.  Can’t wait to celebrate a double header medal with Craig, Zook, Linsky and Kristin, as well as getting a piece of the first ever PA medal with another great Gaylord team.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this whole event work.  Takes a lot of coordinating and couldn’t have done it without help from all my teammates.  Wouldn’t trade you guys for any other team!!  Go Gaylord!!


Sep 25, 2011 - Ragnar DC 2011 by Mark Wolfheimer    No Comments

Ragnar Relay

Felt great to finish, I wish I could remember half of the pain and all of the fun. It just goes by so fast. I was proud of Van 2 for taking on the larger hills, longer distances, and faster overall speed!

Can’t wait till next year!