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Sep 22, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by George Zook    No Comments


Don’t know why I’m writing this. I should be in a bed somewhere, sleeping, maybe after a nice long hot shower. But I’m not. Boom

1 more leg to go then “beer me”

Sep 22, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by Ian Gendreau    No Comments

22 down!

2nd run down. 10 miles. Mostly flat. 1:33. 8 miles left for my first ultra. I need a shower and a nap!!

Sep 22, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by Greg Linsky    No Comments

Lonely Trail

During the first 8 miles I saw a hand full of people. Overall, a good experience for running 16.8 miles. The last hill wasn’t very enjoyable at all. Getting some rest before 19.7 tonight…yippie!

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