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Sep 22, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by Brooke Jandl    No Comments

I’ve officially lost it

(my Ragnar virginity that is). Despite all of the horrible things running through my mind on that last leg, I can already tell you how much I’ve loved this experience and so grateful to have been included.

Elisa had one mile to go and Rose getting ready to tackle our last long leg – only thing that stands between us and gaylordddd

Good luck everybody else!!

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Sep 22, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by Greg Linsky    1 Comment

9’s are wild

My second run went well until mile 14. I asked Ian how far I had to go thinking it was 2 miles, but he informed me it was 4.6. That was one of the worst feelings. I dealt with, pushed on and finished glad to receive chocolate milk at the end. 35+ miles in two legs, not cool.

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