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Sep 24, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by Mark Wolfheimer    3 Comments

Final comment of the day from B1G PAPA

Terri and I must be very lucky. Bird poop on both of our left arms at breakfast. Combined with a great evening and breakfast with great Ragnarians!

Thanks for another event of great memories. Best regards!

Sep 23, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by Ian Gendreau    6 Comments

Ultra Happy

So here is my obligatory shout out post.  For the record, next year we are hiring a Project Management firm and Financial Advisor if this thing gets any bigger. lol!

First, my ultra teammates…

Mark:  Captain, my captain.  Save the “I’m getting old” BS for someone who buys it.  You are a machine and you’re what Ragnar is all about.  Only took me three Ragnars to finally get a chance to run with you and it lived up to the hype.  You and the Mrs are an absolute blast, and you are a crazy good runner on top of it.  Glad you didn’t lose your ambassadorship for us breaking the rules.  We may be done with the ultra, but you have plenty of good Ragnar years.  And for the record, THIS WAS ALL YOUR IDEA!! Best regards… Ian

Zook:  The best runner in all of Ragnar who absolute can’t stand running.  Couldn’t imagine doing these ridiculous things without my right hand.  For the record, yes, Larry was right… it was a #$%()#@ trail.  However, what was different was you going into the woods third from last, and coming out 5 minutes ahead of anyone in sight.  Great job on the ultra, and kudos on breaking the world record for iPhone toss.  You’re the man in my book.

Karis: I told everyone that no one was more prepared for their actual part of the Ultra than you and you lived up to the hype.  49 kills in one Ragnar is a ridiculous stat.  The only chick on the ultra team and an absolute beast of a runner.  My favorite part was the absolute massacre left in the corn fields of Maryland. Bodies in the corn.  Having you around always keeps Zook on his toes and frightened of you “badgering” your way in there.  Great job, and you’re making the next round.  My legs hurt.

Sam: Two words say it all: “Smiling Assassin”.  You are the free agent pickup of the year.  When we decided we needed to go out and find a runner we didn’t know, I couldn’t have drawn up blueprints for a teammate as good as you.  You were an absolute blast to hang out with in the van, and you were even better out on the course.  My favorite moment was you telling us how mad you were at getting lost on your last run while you smiled from ear to ear the whole way.  For the record, you’re going to need to dump us, because we won’t dump you.  You’re Ragnar family now, my friend.

Linsky: Our own personal Ragnar Hall of Famer.  43 miles.  Your second run was more mileage than 9 of the 12 members on a 12 person team run in an entire Ragnar.  You’re an absolute machine.  Always enjoy the running advice and the nice breeze at the exchange as you run by us.  Only way we could survive this ultra was for you to take on the 40+ miles, and take them on you did.  My third Ragnar with you and I never fail to be impressed.  Absolute Kill Machine.

Dana:  What an awesome addition to the team.  In addition to handling a TON of the driving, you were absolutely hilarious to have on the van.  I’ll never forget the ridiculousness from about 3am to 5am where everything anyone said was the funniest thing ever.  You were such a big help on the van and fit right in with our team.  Deciding to recruit a driver was a great idea, and making it you was an even better one.  I’d say that the ultra team thanks you, but as far as I’m concerned, you’re ultra right along with us!

Now for my other teammates…

Kristin:  My Ragnar sister.  Never ran a Ragnar without you… never want to.  Thanks so much for all the help and being our Team 1 and Van 1 captain.  I knew our girls of Van 1 were in great hands and you running in back pain just makes you super Ragnar tough.

Michele: Another of our “my doctor ordered me not to do this but I am anyway” girls.  You are just the best.  So glad you came back for year two, but I have to orders for you.  1: Get healthy and 2: Get back on my van!!

Brooke: My mountain partner!  Glad to share the misery of Leg #3 with you.  You are super cool, and from what I hear, you have one of the two coolest belt buckles on the planet.  Hope you enjoyed your first Ragnar and really hope to see you at the next one!

Julie:  Ragnar DC lacked one thing:  You and me holding hands and skipping along one of the Runner 4 legs.  This would have changed the face of Ragnar.  Glad you came to DC with us.  You rock, and seeing you at some of the exchanges was always an absolute bonus.

Elisa:  No hug at the end of my last run made me think, WWED (What Would Elisa Do?).  Glad you and Rose kept tradition alive though.  Dr Dana would be proud.  Thanks for joining us in DC and thank you even more for not sharing your coconut water with me.

Rose:  Couldn’t think of a better person to hand my Leg #6 to than you.  You’re a great member of our Ragnar crew in any state.  And more importantly, the rumor is you have a firm slap (so says Spencer).  Thanks for rocking the Ragnar!

Spencer:  Seriously, there is only so much Ragnar chat you can hear before you break down.  But you, my friend, are a runner.  Thanks for finally giving in and joining us.  You definitely stepped up your game for our team and killed it.  We’ve got some serious list work to do.

Craig: Only Karis and I remember the days of you running your butt off all over the soccer field.  But I do.  You are capable of crazy big things and taking on that massive hill proved it.  The amount of time spent laughing at a Ragnar will drop by 50% if you ever stop running.

Cynyth:  Now you’re a two time, two state Ragnar finisher.  Pretty serious stuff.  No more rookie tag for you, you are an old-timer in Ragnar lingo.  Looking forward to many chats in the office of our Ragnar encounters together.  Next stop… Ragnar Utah.  Believe it.

Heather:  Another team member I couldn’t do this without.  Thanks so much for helping with the coordination of hotels.  If you ever got healthy for one year, you’d blow Ragnar off the map.  As it is, you’re only just a crazy fast runner who is always in line for a Doc Hottie appointment.   Next year, we are getting Lulu to sponsor us and you are our spokeswoman.

Elise:  All of Spectrum is fooled.  When asked what they think of you, “quiet” would always be in the discussion.  What a sham!!  In addition, you’re crazy good at this whole running thing.  Great addition to the team, and I hear something about you singing everything.  I want to hear “Scanning, I’m scanning..” to a catchy tune in the office sometime soon!

Tammy:  This was the year of everyone stepping up to something they weren’t completely comfortable with and no one stepped up bigger than you.  You did a great job on your runs and filled in a 20+ mile spot we just didn’t have anyone to fill.  Say it with me: “I did 21+ miles in a Ragnar”, because it’s awesome and you did.  Most Ragnarians can’t even say that.  You can and should be proud.

Another great year.  As wonderful as Ragnar is, it’s all of you that make it so awesome.  19 of us this year was awesome.  The next important thing on our Ragnar calendar is where and when to get together for a big celebration.  Thank you all!!

Sep 23, 2012 - Ragnar DC 2012 by Ian Gendreau    No Comments

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