I am back in PA! As of almost 7 at night Monday! The dealership took till 4 to have the car ready!

So Arlington, VA is a great place to walk around, spent yesterday directly across from the hot dog exchange. Its a nice area, and if i ever end up back there ill make sure i dont have to lug my stuff everywhere i go! Stumbled upon pups and pilsners in the park by that exchange (beer tasting with everyones dogs). So I ended up hammered on 8% beers. Don’t know how I got intoxicated so quickly?! I mean from the finishline till Monday night at dinner I had a glass of water, the rest BEER!

Car is fixed, phone and knee are next 🙂

Thanks everyone! I’ll do the sentimental post on my pc, where I can read what I’m typing…

Awesome results – Standard Team!!

Ok, since Ian is obviously only gonna brag on the ULTRA team results, I’ll step in & give the Standard team our due praise!

Here are the facts: If you simply count me & Spencer as women, then we officially finished in 5th Place in the Women’s Division!

So suck on that – Ultra Team! 🙂

Ultra Awesome Results!!

We finished 104 out of 293 teams overall.
Out of 19 ultra teams, we finished 5th!
Out of the 6 teams in our division, we finished 2nd, losing only to the team who won the entire race!
And to top it all off, we put up the best time we’ve ever done at the DC Ragnar with a 30:19:24, breaking last year’s record by a mere minute and a half.

Awesome job!!